Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Christmas Christmas

So, all last week I was busy making normal, nice, pretty Christmas aprons. Not that the usual Mrs. Frankee Stein stuff isn't normal, I was just making aprons for Christmas that appeal to the masses that populate the small mountain town I live in here in Austria. Y'know, stuff like this.
  I recently ordered some sweet Elvis Christmas fabric for Mrs. Frankee Stein Christmas aprons, which will be available soon, but while I was sitting here making the "normal" Christmas aprons, I was beating my head against the wall thinking up more ideas for MFS Christmas aprons. Well yesterday I finally had a stroke of genius if I do say so myself. Behold! FRANKEN CLAUS!
I know, I know it makes me want to pee my pants with delight too. Unfortunately I Botched up the pocket you see here in the picture. I'm working on embroidering Franken Claus to a smaller pocket as we speak. When this super awesome Apron is done it will be available in my Etsy shop, as well as Wolfmanta, Mummy Claus, and Dracu Claus aprons. Hee! I love the way my brain works sometimes. By the way, to get to the Etsy shop, just click the Franken Claus apron pic. ;)

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